How to Download Instagram Videos & Images without App On PC and Mobile

We all know Instagram is one of the best social networks for sharing images and videos. Recently, they have added an option to download shared images on their website directly. Previously, we have discussed how to download Instagram videos without app . Nowadays everyone is using this application for fun or entertainment purpose also. They are taking many selfies and posting them on social networks so that others can see it. But some people are not aware about downloading process of an Instagram video/image, so today here at I would tell you how you can download Instagram photos & videos without any application (without third party apps).

You don’t need to worry if your Android version is 4.1 or later then follow below steps which are quite easy. But for other versions, I have mentioned compatible Android version.

To download Instagram videos without any app on Android devices follow the below steps-

How to Download Instagram Videos & Images?

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  1. Open your Instagram account on your Android phone (on which you want to download images/videos).
  2. After this, click on Profile icon of your home screen and open settings by clicking on Gear sign given at the top of the page.
  3. Proceed with Privacy and turn ON “Save Original Photos”. This will save original photo even after cropping it.
  4. Now, again go to the profile section and tap on three dots just next to ‘Edit Profile’. You can see an option “Download High-Resolution Photos”. So click there. Now, you are ready to download Instagram photos without any app! All high-resolution images will be downloaded in Gallery App/Photos of your device!
  5. The only disadvantage of this method is that you have to save high resolution images in your mobile device so you have to transfer them to PC or Laptop via cable connection or cloud storage (which consumes data).
  6. To download Instagram photos without any app, another simple trick is that after clicking on image, click on three dots and press “Open link in new tab”. It will open the original image in large size for download!
  7. For iOS user, you can use Google Chrome browser which allows downloading all types of Instagram content (images/videos) without any app.

Download Instagram Videos & Images without App on PC and Mobile:

1) Go to your favorite video on Instagram. Copy the link by clicking the 3 dots below the video.

2) Search for Google Chrome browser in play store/App store, download it. It is a web app which helps you to browse all content on Instagram without any need of installing official Instagram application. You can go through all steps given above using this app.

3) After downloading and opening the app, click on three dots (beside “Share”) and copy paste copied link (in Step 1) there and press enter.

4) Now, the video will start playing and at bottom right side of video screen, there is share icon with three dots.. Press that icon and select “Download” option to save the video on your device.

Note: In case of any problem, mention it in comment section below and also if you want to download photos then swipe left when Instagram is opened.

You will find download button beside “Share”.


In this article, we will tell you how to download Videos from Instagram without any app through your mobile browser. It is simple and easy method for getting Instagram video link in a short time. With the help of this article, you can also download photos from instagram free of cost. This guide works for both android and ios users so read the full article to know more about it…