Electric heater may cause fire practice

Electric heater is one of more equipment now, must pay more attention to it when using, avoid all safety hazards, and fully guarantee the safe operation of electric heaters. Electrical resistance made of nickel and chromium alloy is used in electric heaters, which can be as high as 800. Since the power of the electric heater is relatively large,ceramic heater  it is possible to happen if you use it when you use it. Some users put the power-on electric heaters on the combustible matter or in the vicinity of flammable, which will cause a fire under long-term high temperatures. Electric heater does not install the plug at all, but inserts the wire head into the socket, which is easy to cause a short circuit. The user did not discharge the plug of the electric heater when leaving, and the time is too long to cause overheating of the electric heater, and the adjacent flammable material is ignited to cause a fire. If the electric resistance of the electric heater has been repaired, it will continue to use the fire. The above is about the practice of electric heater may cause fire, I hope everyone can pay attention.